You sit down at a restaurant and open the menu. You’re browsing over the alcohol selection when something pops out at you – adult milkshakes. You’ve never heard of adult milkshakes and several others at your table haven’t either. Let’s explore this odd combination of words to find out what makes a frozen treat an adult frozen treat.

So, What is an Adult Milkshake?

Adult milkshake? You mean it’s a milkshake that can drive? A milkshake that wears a tie to work? No, when it comes to an adult milkshake, the adult part is humanity’s greatest invention – alcohol. An adult milkshake is a normal milkshake that has been “spiked” with alcohol, often liquor.

Types of Adult Milkshakes

There is no defining liquor, spirit, or flavor that makes a milkshake an adult milkshake if it has alcohol, it’s an adult milkshake. You can expect to find popular liquors in other dairy-led alcoholic drinks like rum and vodka but we have heard of adult milkshakes spiked with whiskey, brandy, scotch, and even tequila. Customers pick flavor combinations like caramel and brandy for a rich flavor that has an added touch of alcohol to warm your insides as the ice cream cools your pallet. Adult milkshakes differ in the amount of alcohol in them as well. One 16 oz. shake may only have 1 oz. of rum while another 14-oz. shake could have 1.5 oz. of vodka. Establishments that serve adult milkshakes will make it clear how much alcohol is in a shake.

Where Do You Buy Adult Milkshakes?

This one is difficult to pin down because several different types of establishments serve adult milkshakes but not all establishments you would expect to see adult milkshakes have them. The primary place to find adult milkshakes is where milkshakes and adult beverages are sold together. Grills, pubs, and Castle Rock restaurants with bars are your most likely places to find adult milkshakes though if the ice cream shop down the street has a liquor license, they could have adult milkshakes too. If you’re specifically craving a shake, it’s probably best to call in beforehand.

Milkshakes are great, and alcohol is great. Combine them, and you have the great invention of the adult milkshake. Adult milkshakes come in many different flavors and are made an adult with several different types of alcohol. You can find adult milkshakes at pubs, grills, and even local ice cream shops, so get yourself a delightful adult milkshake today.

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