Land surveyor

You’re eager to start construction on your new small business, but your general contractor is asking about a land survey. If you’re new to construction, you’re probably not familiar with a land survey, but they are an important piece of any new construction project. Let’s learn why having a land survey done before you build is critical to your job.

Should a Land Survey be Done Before You Build?

You Need to Know Where You Can Build

The primary purpose of a land survey is to find exact borders, boundaries, and property lines. If you’ve bought a handful of acres, you want to know exactly what is part of your property which a land survey can help you accomplish. Many cities and municipalities have regulations on what you can build on certain pieces of land, so a land survey not only tells you what you can build on the land but where you can build it.

Your Construction Crew Needs the Lay of the Land

A land survey is a versatile tool that not only tells you where your land is but also what your construction crew can do. Any construction, architecture, or planning contractor needs a proper land survey to decide where to lay the foundation, where to extend this wall and that footing, where this utility line needs to go and more. Without a detailed land survey, a construction crew would have to guess where to build, something that a reputable construction crew is not going to do. To have a smooth planning and construction process, you need to have a land survey performed before you build.

Avoid a Call from a City Worker

Imagine this terrible scenario. You’ve bought your land, you’ve decided on a house to build, you’ve laid the foundation, and built 75 percent of the structure when one day you get a city worker visitor at the construction site. He’s asking for the land survey, and you don’t have it. The city worker apologizes, but until they have a land survey, you can’t proceed with construction. They could also let you know you have to tear the structure down, get a land survey, and then proceed to build. Most jurisdictions require a land survey before construction starts, so you better have one.

To know exactly where you stand, what your contractor can do, and to avoid getting in trouble with the city you must perform a land survey before you build. Call on a Colorado land surveyor to take care of business before the materials get to the site.

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