No one ever wants to think about death. It’s just not a fun topic of conversation, especially around the holidays.

Unfortunately, like taxes, it’s not any of us can escape doing. “One of the unarguable truths in life, is that we will one day die,” said Ryan Shellenberger, Insurance Broker and President of Shell Life Mutual. “We know it will happen, we just don’t know when.  Life insurance protects our families for that guaranteed reality.”

That’s why everyone should have a plan in place to make sure that loved ones are taken care of in case the unexpected happens. Not only is it a necessity for those in the mainstream workforce, it is likewise important for those holding the title of ‘Domestic Goddess.’

Though it might be hard to put together a resume that details job skills, if there are one or more children in the household, chances are, the hours of the day pass like a blur.

The daily docket may look like: 1. Getting the kid(s) ready for school, 2. Cleaning, 3. Doing laundry, 4. Grocery shopping, 5. Going to the gym, 6. Volunteering at school, 7. Picking up the kids from school and/or daycare, 8. Getting dinner ready, 9. Helping kids with homework, 10. Giving them baths, and 11. Bedtime routines, and 12. Preparing for the next day.

While there are variations in the scheduled and unscheduled activities, it’s easy to understand the importance of this role in the family dynamic, as well as from a financial standpoint.

Because let’s face it. Taking care of kids is not for the weak and it’s not cheap. A father who holds a full-time job would find it difficult, if not impossible, to fill the shoes of two parents, should the unforeseen occur. At the very least, funeral and burial expenses number in the thousands and individual debt from creditors cannot be overlooked.

And whether the children are in or out of school, in working or single-parent homes, childcare is costly. One must consider how to cover sick days, holidays or summer vacations, and workdays that may extend longer than the hours of the school day. Clearly, the absence of a stay-at-home parent would greatly impact the family financially.

While not relieving the feelings of loss, wouldn’t it be a great gift to your family to cover any financial burdens left behind? Instead, they would be left knowing that you wanted them to be taken care of, no matter what turns life takes.   “Think of life insurance is like getting a parachute… if you wait to buy it until you need it, it’s too late,” added Shellenberger.

Clearly, life insurance is your best option to make sure your family is protected.