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You crank your engine up and listen to the propeller whirr. You’ve owned your aircraft for ten years and have kept a constant eye on the health and well-being of your engine and serviceable parts. Your aircraft flies the way it does the day you bought it, but the same can’t be said about your plane’s interior or paint job. The plane’s internal components are A+ so why does it matter what the exterior looks like? Let’s review three reasons getting your aircraft refinished is more than a superficial treatment.

Three Reasons to Consider Aircraft Refinishing

Potential Customers Don’t Want a Dingy Aircraft

Imagine yourself as a customer chartering a private flight. Take two identical aircraft for equally good maintenance and repair. Now let’s imagine one of those aircraft is dingy, dirty, and looks like it could use a fresh paint job. Now imagine one of those aircraft is clean, bright, and the interior is comfortable. Which one would you charter? The engine of your charter plane might be in excellent repair but unless you can match it with a bright and clean plane – potential customers will look elsewhere.

A Bright Aircraft is a Safe Aircraft

A bright, visible aircraft is a safer aircraft. We’re long past the days of vision being critical to every aspect of flight, but there’s no doubt a vibrant and clear plane is more visible to others on the runway and in the air. Muted or dull registration numbers and letters may also get you in trouble.

Protect Your Investment

Refinishing makes an aircraft look like new, but it also helps prolong the life of the aircraft. A beaten down aircraft will absorb UV damage, will rust and corrode more than a newly finished craft, and will be more susceptible to further damage. Like you take your car to the car wash regularly and give it a coat or turtle wax or armor-all to protect it you should do the same for your aircraft. Refinishing an aircraft could help provide several additional years of serviceable life and help keep your plane’s look matched to the health of its engine.

There are many reasons to consider having your aircraft refinished, but the most popular are giving your customers a clean and comfortable craft, assuring your aircraft is bright and visible and protecting your investment into the aircraft. Only look for aircraft painting companies when having your aircraft worked on.

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