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Nothing beats a good laugh! Campers, trailers and RVs can make for some pretty funny moments, especially when the unexpected happens! We’ve compiled a list of our favorite fail videos to make your laugh and avoid the shenanigans that led to disaster! With RV season around the corner, get a few laughs before hitting the road with these five videos.

5 of the Funniest Trailer and RV Fail Videos

Drinking + Driving + Campers Don’t Mix

This is by far one of my favorite camper fail videos. Not only are the attempts to get the trailer out of that small space laughable, the final aftermath is made even funnier by the guys who don’t seem to get what just happened to their poor camper.

If You Don’t Know Your Clearance, Just Don’t Even Try

I don’t know if the guy driving was hurt or not, but it sure looks like it. This is why driving without understanding your clearance just doesn’t work out. Let this be a reminder to all you out there: If you aren’t sure how high up you are, don’t just drive blindly like this guy.

Honey, I Think We Lost Our Camper

This video makes me laugh every time I watch it, because it cracks me up how calm the guy is when the camper gets left behind. If it was my camper, I’d be going crazy! Wouldn’t you?

Dump Truck Saves the Day… Sorta

There’s a lot of ways to get your RV, camper or trailer stuck, but how many ways do you know if to get them unstuck? In this case, a dump truck… This doesn’t seem like the best idea in the world but it works.

Smoke, You Don’t Say?

There are several fails in this video, but I love the way everyone laughs as the camper and little itty bitty car goes rolling back down the hill. How the driver didn’t know this was a bad idea, I’ll never know.

Here are some honorable mentions of some odd vehicles towing campers:

If we can learn anything from these videos is that campers, trailers and RVs are all prone to fail at one time or another. Sometimes its user error, sometimes it’s the environment you’re driving in and sometimes you just fail.