It was magical. On a sunny December day jingle bells were heard in the distance. Suddenly, a carriage being drawn by two white Percherons began to appear. A ‘Ho-Ho-Ho’ could be heard slowing rising in volume as the carriage drew closer. The appearance of a jolly white-bearded man dressed in a colorful and exotic robe, adorned with jingle-beads, a fur-lined red-velvet hat, along with a carriage-load of gifts, quickly became the object of attention. Santa Claus came to visit a family who had experienced a loss and hardship no family should have to experience.

As the carriage came to a halt the jolly old Santa and Mrs. Claus stepped out and began walking towards a home where kids were awaiting with heightened anticipation. The children stood in awe as the two from the North Pole approached.

The air was electric. The magic was swirling around like stardust from a comet. Santa was here, ‘Live in-person’. The delightful smile of the kids said it all. I was a witness to this uplifting occasion, and yes, it was a ‘Christmas Miracle’. There is nothing like Santa coming to visit, and to fill saddened hearts with moments of uplifting joy.

The family had lost a husband and a father, a Veteran of the United States Armed Forces. The joy of this moment appeared to cover the broken hearts with a supernatural touch of kindness. Christmas is magical. Love is healing.

Many thanks to all who helped to make this occasion memorable:
Perseverance Ranch – Ridgline Community Church – The Village at Castle Pines – Save the Cowboy Church – Front Range Sports Medicine – Shining Light Events, Inc – Gary Godfrey Photography.

Organized by Shining Light Events, Inc – part of their family give back program.

Article By: Gary Godfrey
Photography By: Gary Godfrey Photography