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A Local’s Take: A Review on Cookies & Crema


There’s only one place in Castle Rock you can get coffee, desserts, and an incredible view of the mountains all in one spot. Nestled on the corner of 4284 Trail Boss Drive, this local hot spot is loved by many in Castle Rock. Great food combined with a great atmosphere keeps the baristas busy and hunger satisfied.

Cookies and Crema, not to be mispronounced as Cookies and Creama, serves only the highest quality of ingredients. The coffee is roasted at a local Denver roaster. The eggs are from Platteville, Colorado. Cookies and Crema uses ingredients local to Colorado as much as possible.

It is this dedication to quality ingredients that has caused myself and many others to return time after time to fulfill our caffeine fixes or to enjoy some delicious food. The quality and effort put into every little detail comes out in their food choices, especially when it comes to their “Smothered Breakfast Burrito” and Chemex brewed coffee.

The “Smothered Breakfast Burrito” is a crowd favorite at Cookies and CremaIMG_4902. Of course you can’t order it without getting it covered in the made from scratch green chili. A stuffed tortilla filled to the seams with two eggs, potatoes, cheese and either bacon or sausage has never tasted so good. The green chili is optional but you would be mistaken if you didn’t get it. Having had breakfast burritos all over Castle Rock, I can attest that this is the most fulfilling and satisfying in the whole town but don’t take my word for it, go and try it!

The perfect coffee to go along with your burrIMG_4903ito is the recently debuted Chemex brewed coffee. You may find yourself asking what the difference is between a regular brewed coffee and coffee brewed in a Chemex. Well the quality of the taste speaks for it itself. With a Chemex, a filter is put into a funnel shaped glass pitcher. Once you put the coffee ground in the filter, hot water is slowly poured over until the grounds “bloom”. The water then runs through the coffee grounds and comes out as delicious, smooth coffee. While the regular coffee is great, the Chemex coffee is actually my favorite. This pour over style of brewing removes many of the oils that is naturally in the coffee which is kept in the traditional style of brewing.

Castle Rock residents, April and Jesse Arellano opened the shop in 2013 when they both felt led to open their own business. “I’ve always been into coffee and everything just fell into place. We were led to this,” April said. As 2015, comes to a close, Cookies and Crema celebrates another successful year as well looking towards the future with some plans to renovate the current store.

When you stop by Cookies & Crema, let them know at the counter that Reh sent you to try the Smothered Breakfast Burrito and Chemex. Just by mentioning this review you’ll get 5% off your order!