The want to share a message is taking Andres Arellano into one of the hotbed areas of the Middle East next month. Traveling with his brother-in-law, Miguel Gonzales, it was a vision that first planted the seed in his heart to travel to Pakistan.

Prior to coming to Colorado and working as a claims representative for the Social Security Administration, Arellano was a minister for a church in Wisconsin. He made the decision to move with his wife and three kids west when his parents asked for his help.

“They were starting a church here,” said Arellano.

It was about that time that Arellano remembers having his first vision of ministering to people who looked to be of Indian decent. “It was not what I expected,” he continued, “I was praying and all of a sudden the Holy Spirit hit me and I saw myself speaking with people who looked and dressed like they were from India.”

Not realizing its significance, the vision faded, he got a job and continued to help his parents with their church; The Iglesi Centro de Alabanza. About a year ago, the timing seemed right to start his own ‘movement.’

As the website for his organization reads, ‘I am Zeal’ aims to serve as a beacon for people who have the fire inside to minister to others and/or support those with the means. “Over the years I have gone on crusades to Uganda and Kenya and about a year ago, I started a non-profit to unite those with the same vision of sharing the gospel around the world.”

In September, the vision he’d had some years ago started to make sense. “Someone had gotten my name from the internet,” he stated. “I received an email from Amazing Grace Ministries in Pakistan and they were inviting me to come there.”

And after some probing, Arellano found out that the communication had come from a place that bordered India. He then prayed about the invitation and the vision came back. “I saw the same people who I had seen in the vision I had before.”

The message was loud and clear. On January 15, he and Gonzales will be boarding a plane with Gonzales for 10 day crusade to Daska, Pakistan.

If you would like to find out more about ‘I am Zeal’ and how you can get involved and support their crusade to Pakistan visit: