Shredded documents

Consumer theft and identity fraud are rapidly becoming a threat to our communities. As a way to raise awareness and promote confidential theft protection, many communities will enlist the help of a certified professional shredding company, and offer paper shredding services to residents.

What Do Commercial Shredding Events Do?

Community shredding events give individuals the opportunity to have their confidential documents destroyed on-site by a certified and trusted shredding company. Most commercial shredding events are held by a financial institution, school or subdivision and often collect small donations at the event to support a local cause. Whether it’s a small box of mail with your personal information piled up, or a larger collection of business documents that need to be disposed of, commercial shredding events in town are safe and convenient for everyone.

Where Are Commercial Shredding Events Held?

Easy-access locations including police departments, shopping center parking lots, and even school parking lots, community shredding events are typically held in safe and secure public locations. The commercial events make it easy to destroy personal documents on site, in a public place you can trust, with witnesses around to see the activity.

Most events are conducted with mobile shredding trucks that arrive on location at the commercial shredding event. Residents then bring their documents to the site for destruction. Shredding events are secure, compliant, and effective in eliminating all unwanted documents with personal information on them. These events bring people in the community together, and remind them of the safety and security measures that should be taken with all personal information.

Commercial shredding events are an excellent way to educate people about the importance of destroying their confidential documents, and preventing the spread of identity theft and consumer fraud. Their safe and innovative technology eliminates paper documents, CD’s, floppy discs, and other forms of information at the location of the shredding event, meaning you know where your personal data is from start to finish.

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