Joe Roos, Founder of Hide in Plain Sight, wants to raise awareness and help for homeless students in Douglas County.

By now you might have already received your invitation to this year’s ‘No Go Gala,’ held by area non-profit, Hide in Plain Sight. If you haven’t had time purchase your dress, rent your tux or schedule babysitters yet, there’s no need. In celebration of their 1-year anniversary, Founder, Joe Roos, is inviting you to enjoy attending the event sometime in February or March, without leaving the comfort of your home.

“We wanted to try something different,” stated Roos. “The ‘No Go Gala’ is a virtual event.” Roos and his five person Board of Directors sought to organize a ‘Gala’ that would allow people to attend virtually, forfeiting many of the expenses that might be incurred during preparation.

It works like this. Rather than buying a pricey dinner ticket or worrying about transportation through snowy weather, you can donate directly to the cause online. “The whole purpose of the ‘No Go Gala’ is to raise awareness and funds for homeless Douglas County high school students that want to go to college,” he added.

Roos wants to make giving simple and have doners enjoy 'not attending another gala
Roos wants to make giving simple and have doners enjoy ‘not attending another gala

Donations raised will not only help offset tuition costs, they will also assist them with removing barriers such as how they will get to and from school. Roos noted, “Hide in Plain Sight has been working with Arapahoe Community College and their locations in Parker and Castle Rock. We want to give students, who might otherwise have transportation issues, the opportunity to get to school.”

And Roos has made the giving process simple. “For people who have never given to us, I want to start a $14 campaign,” Roos continued, “If I can get someone to donate that amount, it will cover the cost for a day of going to college for one homeless student; Every dollar is tax deductible.”

Last year alone, their charity efforts allowed them to award scholarships and change the lives of three homeless high school seniors, one who has been in 11 different homes since 2011. “If we help these kids, with no financial support for college, we can help break the cycle of homelessness,” Roos stated. “If we don’t help them, they get involved in things they shouldn’t.”

He also has high hopes that the money raised by the end of March could double in value. “We are in the process of trying to secure a grant through the application to the Colorado Opportunity Scholarship Initiative,” said Roos. “It is a grant where the state will meet dollar for dollar any money we raise.”

The way he sees it, any dollar gift is a three-way-win for the donor, kids, community. “If we don’t help these kids, what happens? We pay a price somewhere,” he stated. “Most people have needed help at one time in life…if we can give them a hand, it makes a difference.”

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