Wellspring Community delivering their dog biscuits

Recently, we ran into some friends from Wellspring Community replenishing their stock of biscuits at Franktown Animal Clinic, in neighboring Franktown. All items that come from the bakery are baked from scratch and their hot-selling homemade, all natural dog biscuits are featured at several local retail locations.

Wellspring Community supports a model for encouraging their participants to become entrepreneurs. Adults who enter into the community have the opportunity to work as a part of the team in the Best Buddies Bakery. There they can learn about most aspects of kitchen safety, baking goods and packaging them.

And as neighbors and dogs (if they could!) would tell you, Best Buddy Bakery products not only taste good, by buying these tasty treats you are contributing to empowering adults with disabilities.

To find a location that carries their products near you, please call: 303-660-1935