It all started 25 years ago when Debbie Davis was on the hunt for a battery operated baby swing for her new baby daughter. “There wasn’t a neighborhood paper where I could advertise to buy a good used one,” Davis remembers. So in a classic entrepreneurial move, Debbie with her publishing background, started one by putting together a small, 8-page newsletter for the 300 homes in Founders Village where she and her husband lived at the time. That first issue, of what would become known today as the “AreaNewsletters”, was a hit and has since grown to reach 13 different subdivisions in Castle Rock totaling over 16,000 households.

“I’ve thought for quite a while about how I’d like to bring them online so I could reach more residents in town especially with the ever growing population,” so Debbie formulated the next chapter for AreaNewsletters. And after being in print for 25 years, this past November, Debbie took her now famous newsletter to being solely online. Mostly the same layout and look, the AreaNewsletters is now available to a broader audience because of its online presence.

As the transition happened, many advertisers were concerned with the visibility of their ads. Fortunately for them, being online has allowed their ads to be viewed by more and more people through email and social media. Debbie wants to assure everyone that even though it is no longer in print, the AreaNewsletters are alive and well …online. “I want them to know that I am still publishing every month featuring Castle Rock events, community information, and great ads from local businesses. You can still flip through the pages, but on your computer now. They’ve just gone green and that’s a benefit as well.” Davis described about the switchover.

The AreaNewsletters have proven to be very beneficial to many different local businesses. Since the platform has changed, there are new and improved ways to advertise your business, for instance now your ad can be linked to your website or email address, funneling potential customers right to you. There are also new interactive features like Search and “crop-and-share” where readers can select a coupon, an ad, or article and share it easily with a friend or on any of their social networks. And for those who want it in-hand, go ahead and print yourself a copy!

Debbie would like to send a copy to you every month, so she invites you to click the green “Get e-Newsletter” button on her home page, and you’ll get it sent to your inbox and never miss an issue. To check out the most recent “December” issue, or to advertise your business or upcoming event, please visit