For entrepreneurs, free-lancers or anyone else involved with “on-the-go” jobs, office space can sometimes become a tricky subject. Working from a home office is great but sometimes a productive work space outside of the home is needed as well. What if all of these professionals came together and shared an office space? Luckily, there is a spot just for that in Castle Rock with ConneXion Spot, a collaborative community that embodies the definition of a coworking space.

Distractions at coffee shops or home offices can cause slow business growth and also lead to a lonely atmosphere. ConneXion Spot offers a chance for free-lancers or small business owners to interact with each other and also provides a professional setting for getting your jobs finished. “The professionals working from here aren’t just sharing an office, but they are sharing inspiration, motivation, ideas, and referrals. Our mission is to remove the isolation of working for yourself and create a support ecosystem where your business can start, grow and thrive,” Trudi Eisenhour, Co-Founder of ConneXion Spot describes.

ConneXion Spot not only offers spaces but is now offering a class called CO.STARTERS, which is for entrepreneurs who aren’t really sure where to begin with their business idea. It is a 9-week class starting in late September that will equip you with ideas, tools and relationships to get your business off of the ground.

ConneXion Spot membership starts at $59 a month for the “Mobile Spotter” membership, which is great for those who are on the go and only need an office to drop into every now and then. The highest membership is the “Full Time Spotter” which is $399 per month, which includes unlimited hours for office space as well as other perks. All memberships are month to month with a deposit equal to one month’s fees.

For more information, visit ConneXion Spot’s website at