A home's foundation

One evening you close your windows and notice that you’re having trouble getting things to line up. The next morning you notice that a door has become difficult to shut. Uh oh, you might have foundation issues. Some foundations are poured by inexperienced labor or poured too quickly, leading to foundation issues. The outside environment and surrounding soil can cause issues with your foundation as well.

You know foundation repair is expensive, but you’re handy, can’t you take care of it by yourself and avoid the steep cost?

So, Can You Repair a Foundation Yourself?

Why Repairing a Foundation Yourself is Not Recommended

Repairing a Foundation Can Be Dangerous (To You)

Any given foundation repair may use load-bearing walls, helical piers in Colorado, massive jacks, large chunks of concrete, and several other items that can inflict serious injury or even death if utilized the wrong way or not handled correctly. Death by foundation repair is not the best way to go. When it comes to the dangers and weights involved in foundation repair, it’s best to leave to the hands of a professional.

Repairing a Foundation Can Be Dangerous (To Your House)

Remember those load bearing components and other parts of the foundation we talked about? Those components are important to your home and failure to repair them correctly could do real damage to your home. When we say real damage, we don’t mean a stuck door frame but structural issues that could compromise the integrity of your home. Don’t risk it.

No, Seriously, Don’t Try It

Let’s consider the best-case scenario. You make the fix on your foundation, and your home seems to be doing the right thing. But for how long? How do you know you didn’t temporarily fix a problem that will eventually turn into a bigger problem? What happens if your repair is compromised, are you going to try to repair yourself again? Foundation repairs don’t come cheap, but of all the projects around your home, a foundation repair should only be completed by an experienced and certified professional.

It can be difficult to hire a contractor when you think you can take care of the job but even seasoned general contractors call on foundation professionals anytime they encounter an issue with building’s foundation. Trying to repair a foundation yourself is dangerous to you, your family, and your home. Call on an experienced and local foundation or structural professional to take care of business anytime you have foundation issues.

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