Castle Rock has again been ranked among top places to live in the country- as if we needed further confirmation that we live in one of the best places on the planet! Apartment List recently voted Castle Rock into its top ten list of most desirable places to live in the United States. This recognition was given to the Town because of its family friendliness, safety and general quality of life for those who reside here.

The site,, is a massive search tool used by people looking to rent their next place to live. Though the site focuses largely on making users hunt for apartments easier, it also gives users the option to include searching for rental homes in their criteria. Once specifics are entered, it acts like a universal hub, pulling from millions of apartment listings from hundreds of web sources to a single interface- similar to the way sites like Travelocity work.

The end result cuts down on time spent looking through pages of rentals on different sites.

Similarly, it sweetens the search by allowing users to discover and research neighborhoods in order to identify things like “charm, stroller index, walkability, commute, nearby restaurants and more.” (Wikipedia 2014). So people are given the chance to get to know a place remotely without actually having to physically get up and go there. Instead, it’s the best thing to experiencing a place firsthand.

The moral of the story is that ‘best kept secrets’ are never ‘best kept’ for long. Some magazine, newspaper or television exposé usually has to do just that- expose it. It’s best if we just accept that we live in an awesome place and fully take advantage of the perks of living in Castle Rock as long as we can. In the end, all of us have the supreme responsibility to not just be good Town citizens, but to also try and preserve the qualities we love about living here.