To meet the growing need for focus on special curriculum, there has been a push for changes in standard schooling for children in America. Over the past 20 years, having seen the advantages of enrolling children in public schools that center around languages like Chinese, science and/or technology, parents are opting to sign their kids up to attend taxpayer-funded charter schools. Opening in the fall of 2015, World Compass Academy wants to offer another option for parents looking to raise a worldly child.

“We’ve been working for four years to create an internationally focused school that offers world languages while also following the Core Knowledge Scope and teaching kids important social skills,” said Bethany Merkling, Board President at World Compass Academy. Their mantra follows the importance of producing a well-rounded pupil- a student with a talent for French, Spanish or Mandarin Chinese, who stands out in society as a PICK kid. “We want to produce PICK kids- children who have Perseverance, Integrity, Compassion and Knowledge,” she states.

Along with intense language study and a core base of social skills, the charter wants to likewise educate students to meet strict state standards. Students who attend World Compass Academy will still receive letter grades and have their skills periodically assessed through testing. However, based on a student’s individual talents, teachers and parents will work together to ‘tweak’ their child’s curriculum as they see fit. They feel that handling their education in conjunction will help make their school career successful. “It (our testing) will work more like a check system for our students,” notes Merkling.

World Compass Academy
World Compass Academy Location: Frontage Road, Castle Rock (Next to Plum Creek Community Church)

WCA must have the right formula because they have reached capacity for preschool-aged kiddos. And though there are current openings in elementary, they do expect space to fill up soon after their recent announcement. WCA was proud to secure well-respected, former principle in the Cherry Creek School system, Jim McDevit, to head the school in the fall. “It is so cool to have great people involved with our efforts and to have parents in the community excited about it.”

NOTE: Families are strongly encouraged to enroll as actual attendance numbers may change before the school year begins. For more information about World Compass Academy please visit: