We’ve entered the realm of fall where the leaves are glowing and the pumpkins are popping up on porches. This means one thing: HARVEST MIX and TWILIGHT BLACKBERRY CANDY CORN are back!! While these super tasty treats with a fan-following are back in stock for the season of the autumn sun, be apprised that the lion’s share of Castle Rock’s cult favorites hang out at the shop full-time.

That’s right. Not only does Castle Rock Munchies stock the hard-to-find Atomic Fireballs, the most indulgent Cinnamon Gummy Bears and their famous Castle Rock Chocolate Boulders year-round, they’ve also prompted many customers to reconsider their irreverent opinions on black licorice. The Finnska Soft Black Licorice hails all the way from Finland with the Fazermints (think dreamy dark chocolate with a cream center) that also raise eyebrows in a positive way that prompts repeat visits.

Castle Rock Munchies owners Brenda and Spencer Young stock every delectable product (the full 250) made by Mountain Man. In fact, their jointly authentic belief in the products sparked a beloved business and a more-than-special union between them that lasts until this day. They place their belief in their other carefully chosen wares as well, offering a large and tempting selection of delicious candies and savory snacks like the Crispy Garlic Chips (a.k.a. the best part of the snack mix that everyone eats first). And chocolate lovers? Take heed. There are over 50 varieties of Mountain Man chocolate alone here, so make it a point to taste these additive- and preservative-free confections that stand out from your average chocolate bar. What’s more, there are no open bins—every item in the shop is pre-wrapped for your protection.

Need a quick and unique gift for one or possibly everyone in the corporation? Shop from their product selection that weighs heavily on the local side and includes unique custom jewelry, pottery, candles and Colorado merchandise. In a hurry? Grab one of their beautiful, ready-made gift baskets. From selling the only local honey, honeycomb and bee pollen to offering fun and delicious gourmet cooking supplies like genuine vanilla and duck fat, Castle Rock Munchies has gifts that will bring a sincere smile. To boot, they also conveniently offer a premium CBD line and the lowest price around on Lumber Jack grilling pellets.

So pop in for a cold drink and a snack, and while you’re there ask for their Atomic Blonde Pineapple and Nut Mix for serious deliciousness without the peanuts. And if tasting is believing (and it is), then surprise yourself and try a Lemon Licorice Burst. Now join the club of the sweet believers.

Article By: Jennifer Hollingsworth
CRCO – Castle Rock, Colorado