Who doesn’t enjoy reading a great thriller? Who doesn’t enjoy watching a good movie with the screenplay written or contributed to by an Author/Screenwriter/Director with family connections right in our own community? Well, there is a book being released on Amazon, October 6, 2020 that you may wish to look into. Besides, you will be supporting the “Rising Star” within the book and movie world whose sister lives right here in our community of Castle Rock, Colorado!

Briauna Bartron-Fritz, and her husband have owned their home in Castle Rock since 2012. They moved to Edinburgh, Scotland for a couple of years for her husband’s work, but moved back to Castle Rock into the same home which they continued to own. My meeting with Briauna was a delight. We talked about Castle Rock, our state, the beauty, the animals, eventually getting into our designated discussion about her sister, Bonné Bartron and her latest book release, “Whispers”. This thriller will be released October 6, 2020, the day after my visit with Briauna.

This is Big Stuff! Among many celebrities, Castle Rock is now known for another, Bonné Bartron. Bonné is known in the IMDB world of movie enthusiasts for her supporting roles in movie Screenwriter projects, Director roles, as well as her screenwriter credits for the movie “Unbridled” for which she won an award. She now has her “Novel Debut”!

The Novel – “Whispers”

“He hears every whisper, he knows every street. If you love her, hide your sister from Mister Tasty Treats!

Three sisters’ Orlando vacation becomes a nightmare…

Stacey surprises her family with a vacation to the happiest place in the world.

It’s the trip of a lifetime, until her eight-year-old niece is stolen from their Airbnb.

The only evidence left behind points to an early-American urban legend known as Mister Tasty Treats.

As the women chase down the myth they become part of a conspiracy they must unravel quickly if they have a hope of finding the girl alive.”

Releases October 6, 2020 on Amazon! – Award Winning Screenwriter and Director Bonné Bartron has always loved books, but it took the world shutting down for her to finally write one. WHISPERS is a spine-tingling thriller with a sharp satirical perspective, the perfect genre for her to cozy up to in these unprecedented times. The most humorous moments live in the tension of fear, and Bartron serves both up in her debut novel.


Bonné Bartron Bio: Bartron was born into a Special Forces family. She and her younger sister, Briauna, spent their childhood moving every three to four years. In total they lived in five states and two countries by the time they graduated High School.

In 2009 Bonné Bartron flew to Mosul, Iraq on a mission of morale for the US soldiers. She was only scheduled to stay for two months, but she refused to leave for an additional five months. When she was asked why she went to Iraq in the first place she replied “When I was a kid, I used to wonder where my Dad went when he’d ‘go over there’. So, of course I jumped at the opportunity to see what it was that kept him away from us all those years”.

Bill Martin, most well-known for writing the classic film “Harry and the Hendersons”, is actually Bartron’s uncle.

Bonne’s father, a highly decorated, career Green Beret, and her extraordinarily dedicated mother, instilled in her a deep love and respect for the USA and the people who protect it. At the age of 24 Bartron created Battle Buddy, a non-profit dedicated to helping Military men and women make the transition to civilian life.

Upon arriving to the USA from her tour in Iraq, Bonné Bartron took a vow to wear combat boots until the war is over. So far she has upheld this vow for 7years.

She wrote the first draft of her film “Out There…” in the back booth of the infamous Rainbow Bar and Grill on Sunset Blvd.

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Article Written By: Gary Godfrey – CRCO Administrator