The Castle Rock Parks and Trails Foundation is helping fund part of Phase 2 construction at Philip S. Miller Park

The numerous beautiful parks and trails within our Town make Castle Rock a sought after destination for biking, walking and running enthusiasts around the state. Some of the enhancements and amenities we enjoy each time we visit these local recreational spaces would not exist without the fundraising work of the Castle Rock Parks and Trails Foundation.

Established in 2012, the foundation was created to reach out to the community of Castle Rock and allow their thoughts and ideas to be heard about how local parks and trails could be improved. “The foundation was formed because we wanted to bring a group of people together who feel passionate about parks and trails to help raise money and make decisions about how we can improve these amenities for others in Castle Rock,” said Jenny Nagel, Executive Director of Castle Rock Parks and Trails Foundation (CRPT).

Together, with the Town, a board with former Mayor Al Parker, former council member Clark Hammelman and several local business owners, the foundation compiles ideas and sets goals to raise funds to make improvements the whole community can benefit from. “We try our best to gather and compile input from the community (via Facebook or email) since the people who use the parks and trails most know firsthand what areas are in need of attention,” Nagel commented.

Foundation Executive Director, Jenny Nagel, and the board have big plans for Castle Rock parks and trails.
Foundation Executive Director, Jenny Nagel, and the board have big plans for Castle Rock parks and trails.

Requests are often heard for things like more shade and bathrooms at parks. “We get a lot of requests for more shaded areas where people can sit and get a break from the sun,” Nagel continued. “We want to plant more trees, create covered picnic areas and work on a master list of additional requests and amenities we are trying to fund.”

Along with plans to provide more solar escapes (similar to those at Gemstone Park) at both Metzler Ranch and Philip S. Miller, they want to secure additional funding for more fun for the kiddos. Currently, there working to raise money for the Phase 2 splash park, more playground equipment and add a slackline course – for older kids – to the Adventure Playground. “Some of the things we are focusing on now is the slackline course and more stand-alone play equipment for the adventure playground- adding more elements for kids to play,” she added.

And if you’ve been to the PSM Park lately, it would be hard not to notice the amphitheater starting to take shape. While tiered seating will accommodate 500 people, the larger grassy-area will make room for 1500 additional music lovers. This will include space designated for VIPs; another project CRPT has on the radar. “The foundation is starting to plan for a VIP area with tables and chairs, so there are different seating options available,” said Nagel.

The amphitheater's tiered seating is now visible on the southwest side of Philip S. Miller Park.
The amphitheater’s tiered seating is now visible on the south side of Philip S. Miller Park.

From received community input, they know its different strokes for different folks. “Different things are important to different people,” she added. “For example, we have had many bikers ask for help on the trails when they get a flat. Soon, we hope to install maintenance stations stocked with tools for bikes and an air pump to inflate a flat tire.”

However, for those wanting to make our parks and trails more enjoyable, who may be unsure about what project to sponsor, opportunities are abundant. Along with accepting a general donation of any amount, the foundation has organized the Legacy Brick Program. It is a chance to have a family name, business name or a remembrance of someone or something important, forever engraved on a brick or stone.

Starting next month, bricks and stones will start to be laid around the park’s Core Plaza. Some will be installed with etching, while others will wait to be engraved at a later date. “It’s very exciting that we have sold roughly 90 bricks and just over 20 stones to date,” Nagel smiled. “There is still time for anyone interested to purchase them…and with the holidays coming, they make great gifts.”

To find out more about the Legacy Brick Program and supporting programs for Castle Rocks Parks and Trails, visit:

Castle Rock Parks and Trails Foundation
P.O. Box 724
Castle Rock, CO, 80104
[email protected]