Bar inventory management

Tracking inventory, purchases and sales is the only way to effectively collect data that represents the success of your bar or restaurant. This vital information can be gathered to identify and control costs, guide your purchasing and budget, and maintain profits. Bar inventory factors determine each calculated beverage cost and the profit you make off of every drink sold.

How Does Bar Inventory Management Work?

For years, bar inventory management has been an equation of spreadsheets, counting, and categories to determine how much alcohol is in stock. Liquor inventory is typically done every two or four weeks, and requires a whole bunch of hands in the cookie jar to count, price, and record every drop of product a bar has in its building.

Colorado-based Accubar is the first bar inventory management of its kind. The comprehensive beverage management system interfaces with your point of sale (POS) or back-office system. Since 2001, Accubar has satisfied thousands of bar and restaurant owners in everything ranging from small bars, huge night clubs, restaurant chains, wine bars, bowling alleys, hotels, resorts, and casinos.

With two locations in Denver and one at Park Meadows Mall, the Yard House restaurant is social American cuisine, perfect for every occasion. For nearly a decade, Accubar has provided Colorado Yard House locations with their full-featured beverage inventory management system, which uses fast and durable barcode scanners to generate comprehensive reports and metrics.

Barcode scanners speed up the counting process to deliver increased efficiency and accuracy along with major labor savings. The smartphone app from Accubar transforms any smartphone or tablet into an additional scanner. Accubar’s modular design adapts to your operation, and can be configured specifically to meet your establishment’s inventory and tracking needs.

More than just a beverage management system, Accubar can be used to inventory food, dry goods, and other restaurant items. The system will scan any item with a barcode and create a barcode for any item that does not have one. Inventory management has never been easier or more accurate, leaving you more time and money to focus on the success of your business.

When your business is ready to get the most out of your beverage program, Accubar has the personalized tools, and expertise to dramatically lower labor costs and increase accountability and loss-prevention.