Home improvement ideas

Whether you’re handy or not, every home needs improvement here and there. Whether you hire a contractor, do it yourself, or put it off until it needs to happen, there are some easy ways to take advantage of home improvement without spending an arm and a leg. Here are some tips from some of our experts on the top five home improvement ideas you can tackle in 2016.

5 Home Improvement Ideas for Your Home

Have Your Roof Inspected

The experts at Celtic Roofing recommend scheduling a free roof inspection during the spring months to make sure your roof is in tip-top shape. Rain, hail, and snow can impact a roof during the winter months, and if yours needs repairing or replacing, being able to tackle that before winter rolls in again is key.

Get Your Carpets Cleaned

When was the last time you had your carpets cleaned? The experts at Go Green Dry Carpeting Cleaning say if you can’t answer it, it’s been too long! Get your carpets cleaned at least once a year to ensure that dust, debris, hair, fur, and more isn’t building up over time and destroying your carpets.

Repair Your Driveway and/or Sidewalks

Is your driveway cracking? How about your sidewalks? Projects like this are easy to put off until the HOA tells you otherwise. The experts at Enright Asphalt recommend having a concrete company come out and offer a free estimate on repairs. While you can do it yourself, you might be surprised that you’ll save time and money by having a contractor do it for you.

Maintain Your Lawn and Irrigation Systems

The experts at Lawns Unlimited know how easy it is to forget to mow the lawn, pull the weeds, and fight mosquitos. If you’ve been putting off lawn care for too long, it’s best to get a lawn care specialist out to evaluate your landscaping. This can give you a breakdown of how to get your lawn looking great again and how to prevent insects, weeds, and more from creeping in and taking away from the look of your home.

Upgrade Your Siding

Every homeowner wonders if they should upgrade their siding at some point in life. If you’ve always wanted to upgrade to stone paneling or siding, the experts at GenStone encourage you to do it yourself. For a fraction of the cost, GenStone provides the siding and panels you need to get an authentic stone look for less and without a contractor taking forever to do it for you.

What’s keeping you from taking on home improvement projects that’ll only make your home look and feel more like home? Consider some of the above throughout the year and even if you only tackle on this year, that’s one less project you have to worry about down the line.

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