Colorado Springs Kart Track
Set to open early summer, Overdrive Raceway will be the only two-level racetrack of its kind in the U.S.
**UPDATE: Soft opening now moved to July 2, 2016**

Have you heard about the new 68,000 sq. ft. steel building being designed with two floors of speed? Coming early summer, Colorado Springs will be home to Overdrive Raceway- the first two-level indoor electric go kart facility in the country.

Overdrive Raceway Colorado Springs, CO
The second level of Overdrive Raceway will feature a Formula One style track for racing between the 10 drivers allowed on the track at a time.

It will feature multiple ¼ mile Formula One race tracks that are sure to provide hours of family entertainment. The lower floor is being designed with parents and kids in mind, while the second level is being laid out for those looking for speed.

The karts are electrically powered and top out at 55 mph for adults, with the child karts reaching a maximum speed of 25 mph. 
Overdrive Raceway Colorado Springs, CO
The new electric kart raceway neighbors Bass Pro Shop in north Colorado Springs.

And along with two levels of racing excitement, what likewise makes Overdrive unique is its accessibility to drivers who no longer have use of their legs. Allowing others a chance to get behind the wheel- who might not otherwise have one- the company has purchased four hand-controlled go karts ($12,000 each) for use by paralyzed and leg amputee drivers.

Jim Mundle
Jim Mundle, Owner of Overdrive Raceway — Photo Source: Facebook

“We really want to be inclusive to everyone,” says Jim Mundle, Overdrive Raceway Owner. “Businesses can be a vehicle for good and I want to give people experiences they couldn’t otherwise have.”

Location: 196 Spectrum Loop Colorado Springs, CO 80921
Phone Number: 719-473-8930