Blackened Fish Tacos are a favorite at Union: An American Bistro.

While the Castle Rock dining scene is slowly expanding, most can agree that locally, we are slightly limited by choices for quality dining. However, there are a few establishments that we can count on to always deliver a great experience coined with good service and satisfying cuisine.

An integral part of the local eatery scene, Union: An American Bistro has long been the buzz among residents and visitors to out quaint Town. Though we had been there for their fantastic Happy Hour on a few occasions, it was time to finally sit down and experience the culinary concoctions of Chef Kim and her team.

Union is located at 3 Wilcox St., Castle Rock, CO 80104.
Union is located at 3 Wilcox St., Castle Rock, CO 80104.

Part of the reason a dinner at Union hasn’t come to fruition is due to their popularity. On the weekends you can expect a wait for walk-ins of close to an hour and reservations fill up fast. So a new plan of action was decided, and the thought, ‘let’s try lunch’ beckoned.

Hitting the target, we got right in for a noon lunch on a Wednesday, without calling first. Our party of three: 2 adults and a child, were readily greeted as we walked through their quaint bar area. It had a definite ‘bistro’ feel with soft lighting, a bar, a large high top table for groups and a few booths. From experience, it is a great place to gather for cocktails and happy hour food from 2 pm – 6 pm, Tuesday through Saturday.

The bar area is inviting for a Happy Hour excursion.
The bar area is inviting for a Happy Hour excursion.

After passing through the bar, we took a few steps down into their more open, family-style room. It was a brighter area where we were immediately greeted by our server, ushered our drinks and told the specials for the day. They also gave us a kids menu that had a variety of choices and came with crayons to keep our tike entertained.

Famished, we decided we needed some food on the table and fast! Not to mention we had a child at the table saying, ‘I’m hungry’ with no snacks in tow. Though the Ahi Tuna Tartare (lemon & soy with tomato, mango, crispy wontons & wasabi cream) and the Calamari (Crunchy & light with Remoulade-similar to tartar sauce to dip & gremolata-herb seasoning) have been sampled and enjoyed during a previous visit, Crunchy Broccoli with Siracha cream on the side sounded yummy. ($4.00)

Crunchy Broccoli with Siracha Cream Sauce.
Crunchy Broccoli with Siracha Cream Sauce.

Our drinks were kept filled by several helping hands during the lunch rush and our haha-healthy broccoli came out in a flash. Steamy and just the right portion to be shared between us, we dove in. The bite-size pieces of greens were lightly breaded and slightly crunchy with a buttery flavor that made us all want to eat them fast before they were all gone. Even our child was asking for more! For the adults the Siracha cream added a kick and rocked our ‘buds.’

And just as we were finishing the last bite, the next course came out with perfect timing. A Union burger on Gluten free flatbread with a side salad, Blackened Fish Tacos and the grilled Chicken with fruit were welcomed at our table. It was a lunch feast fit for a King with the presentation on point.

The burger without cheese (because I wanted to savor the true taste of the burger) was juicy and firm, cooked perfectly medium. It came with toppings that were fresh and complimented the outstanding flavor of the meat. The side salad was simple: dark greens tossed in a house vinaigrette with parmesan shavings. ($10.10 + $4.00 for the Gluten free flatbread)

Union Burger with a House Salad.
Union Burger

Even the kid’s plate came out with flare. The side of apple slices were fanned and came with crunchy grapes and the grilled chicken was not dry and had a subtle good flavor for the picky kid eaters out there. ($5.00)

Kids Grilled Chicken Plate.
Kids Grilled Chicken Plate.

 It is clear that Union has survived for the past 10 years because it has managed to continue to deliver the right recipe for restaurant success. Along with delicious fare, outstanding service set in a comfortable ‘bistro’ atmosphere, we expect business to go on humming. Their location is also great with needed parking and has accessibility for all on the patio and for the front portion of the restaurant. Future dining excursions to Union will be pinned on the calendar…

Union – An American Bistro
3 South Wilcox Street
Castle Rock, CO 80104

Tue – Thu 11:30 AM – 9:00 PM
Fri & Sat 11:30 AM – 10:00 PM
Closed Sundays and Mondays