COVID-19 Community Testing Events

Get ready, throughout the remainder of the year you’ll be able to find a handful of COVID-19 diagnostic nasal swab testing events in Douglas County. All of the events will be from 9 a.m. – 1 p.m. until the 200 test kits run out and will be free for eligible individuals. Antibody testing WILL NOT be offered at these events.

According to the Douglas County website, individuals interested in testing can drive-thru, walk-up, or arrive on a bicycle. You are encouraged to not arrive before 8 a.m. as space for vehicles is limited.

Know before you go – plan ahead and be prepared

If you live or work in Douglas County you can get tested. See a list of those who are eligible below, including those who work in high-risk occupations, such as health care workers or first responders, live in long-term care facilities or other institutionalized settings or were in close contact with someone known to have COVID-19.

  • symptomatic individuals
  • individuals who are high-risk and/or high-priority:
    • child care workers
    • supermarket employees
    • seniors and their caregivers and family members
    • educators
    • other essential workers
    • have pre-existing conditions and/or are immunocompromised
    • uninsured
    • have recently traveled or plan to within the next 7 days
  • individuals who need required testing for:
    • the transition from one treatment facility to another
    • returning to work
    • admittance into camps, sports and other programs

Forms will be available at the event for you to complete, but you must bring your own pen and clipboard or something stable to write on.

You will be asked to show a photo ID with your name

Test results are expected to be delivered within 4 days.

“I am thrilled. This is a great way for Douglas County to get tested, and flatten the curve,” said Glenda Smith, a resident of Douglas County. “Better late than never! We will never be able to fully reopen our economy unless more people are tested, and people wear their dang masks,” added Smith..

Other residents were not so optimistic. “This is great and all. I find it convenient that these test sites are popping up after the media showed how low COVID-19 infections are in Douglas County. This is way to artificially inflate numbers and is an attempt to get more residents on-board with the recent mask mandate and instill fear into the public while painting it as a public service event,” said John Willington of Douglas County.

“Watch what happens after testing begins. The numbers will naturally rise, and so will the panic. It’s all part of the bigger plan,” Willington concluded.

Testing sites include Castle Pines, Castle Rock, Lone Tree and Parker.

Drive-Through Testing Times & Locations

  • July 22 – Castle Pines American Academy, 6971 Mira Vista Lane
  • August 4 – Castle Rock Adventist Hospital
  • August 13 – CU Denver South, Lone Tree
  • August 25 – PACE Center, Parker

For more information you can visit