Castle Rock, CO., February 3, 2015 — CRCO, the leading community network in Castle Rock, CO and local news provider, announced the launch of its Adaptive Advertising product for small business today.

CRCO Adaptive Advertising allows local businesses to take control of their ad spend, while better capturing their target audience, and then re-targeting their overall experience based on individual user engagement.

“We’re thrilled to offer a flexible, cost sensitive, marketing service, that supports and promotes small business development.” said Sean Hakes, Publisher, CRCO. “Unlike a print ad, an adaptive ad can be changed dynamically based on user engagement. If an ad performs at a low level, we have the opportunity to continually refine it, based on both user feedback, and changing needs.”

The success of the CRCO Adaptive Advertising campaign is driven by analyzing target demographics, user experience, historical engagement, and target marketing.

“Having the ability to change your advertising in real time while testing the response of your audience is groundbreaking, and powerful. There’s no other advertising out there that compares to its success,” concluded Hakes.

To learn more about CRCO’s flexible adaptive advertising services, please call Sean directly at 720-940-9056 or send an email to [email protected].