How does a possible $100 credit on your water bill sound for just 10 minutes of your time?

Castle Rock Water just released its 2015 Water Efficiency Online Survey and wants to know your opinions about individual water usage. Answers from the questionnaire will help them gauge how the Town’s conservation plan is serving its residents and how they can further improve the system.

Over the past eight years, Castle Rock Water has worked to put a plan in place that will secure a bright future for water serving Castle Rock. This includes securing the current use of long-term water for the community with future water projects that will look to transition us into using a much higher percentage of renewable water by 2050.

That means dramatically decreasing our reliance on groundwater, sooner than later, as this is not replenished by precipitation and river flow. Underground water from deep-aquifers serves only to hinder water options because what is gathered remains stagnant and often fails to meet needs of an increase in population.

It makes more sense when we look at it like this- think of the finite size of a swimming pool that may or not fill up, depending on how much it rains or snows. If that’s all the water that’s available and new people keep moving in to share the ‘pool,’ the picture starts to look pretty grim.

Now it starts to become clear why the Legacy Water Projects are so important to our Town. Both the completion of the Plum Creek Water Purification Facility in 2013 and the purchase of water storage space in Reuter-Hess Reservoir in 2008, made huge steps for us in the right direction. Likewise, Castle Rock is in the process of negotiating other long-term water solutions to serve the needs of its residents.

Before February 23rd, take a moment of your time to answer a few questions about the personal water usage and conservation efforts at your home. You answers and opinions will make a difference in Castle Rock’s future. To access the survey, click here: Good luck!