The CRCO Local Business Alliance (LBA) has filed official paperwork requesting a temporary 15 min parking spot be added at to the front steps of Mountain Man Nut & Fruit Co on the corner of 4th and Perry.

“More often then not, the parking lot located to the south of Mountain Man is packed,” said Spencer Young, Owner of Mountain Man Nut & Fruit Co.

“We’ve had customers tell us that they plan on coming in to purchase items, but they can’t find a spot to park, so they just drive by,” Young added.

There are 4 parking spots located at the main entrance of Mountain Man Nut & Fruit that do not have time limits. CRCO noticed at least one vehicle that was parked there for 3 consecutive days.

“I personally like this idea because when I need to run into Jack of All Macs or Lost Coffee, it would be nice to have a quick parking spot instead of people that are parking there all day taking up space,” said Castle Rock resident, Courtney Morrow.

The CRCO Local Business Alliance is a group of likeminded business owners with a passion for furthering the success and improved livelyhood of small business in Castle Rock.

Spencer Young, a member of the CRCO – Local Business Alliance reached out to the LBA for assistance regarding the petition process.

Neighboring business agrees that parking can be “tricky”. Additional concerns include a lack of parking for area business owners and the retirement community.

Currently, there is one 15 min parking space located between Jack Be Click and Castle Rock Bike and Ski.

According to a recent article published by the Castle Rock News-Press, the proposed Encore project could bring an additional 300 public parking spaces to downtown Castle Rock.

Assistant Town Manager, Kristin Zagurski said the request will be discussed on September 25th.

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