CRCO in partnership with RMPS Landscaping and Burly Brewing Co will be hosting their 2nd crawfish boil in Castle Rock which will kick off the 1st Annual Castle Rock Music Fest & Crawfish Boili on Saturday June 15 at BURLY Brewing.

“The March 2nd Crawfish Boil was a huge success, even with the snow. After that event, we had a significant amount of interest to put on a second crawfish boil in the summer,” said Sean Hakes, CEO of CRCO.

CRCO partnered up with RMPS Landscaping and BURLY Brewing to bring this annual event to Castle Rock.

To learn more about the 1st Annual Castle Rock Music Fest and Crawfish Boil, and to get your discounted ‘pre-sale’ crawfish tickets, click here.

Click here for pics of our Mardi Gras Crawfish Boil