New additions to the website make it simple for residents to cut back on water usage.

By 2050, the demand to serve our projected population of 105,000 residents will require an estimated 15,000 acre-feet of water. With that in mind, the Town has made some improvements to its water conservation website, in order to help the community further reduce water use and save millions of dollars in the long term.

“This a huge project,” said KerriAnne Mukhopadhyay, Community Relations for Castle Rock. “Conservation has been a water priority in Castle Rock for some time.”

In June of 1996, Castle Rock first adopted a water plan to establish water conservation goals for the community. Some years later, in 2006, our Town’s Water Conservation Master Plan began to take shape.

And after receiving a grant from the Colorado Water Conservation Board, was created in order to have a stronger web presence and influence people to use less water. “Since then, residents have embraced the call to conserve and have reduced their consumption by more than 20 percent,” Mukhopadhyay added.

To further serve the future water needs of Castle Rock, they have added some simple bells and whistles to their conservation site. “With the goal of reducing water use by another 20 percent, we knew the website needed to be redesigned to make sure it was a valuable resource for our customers,” she said.

New tabs on the site help residents become more aware of how to turn water savings into cash. Along with a runtime calculator for the sprinklers, the site helps you research what plants to plant and do best in our climate, while also getting updates on what’s happening with weather locally.

“The weather station widget talks to the four weather stations around town to give residents an accurate look at the weather in their neighborhood,” KerriAnn stated. The widget alerts people about things like rain, so they can shut off the sprinklers if needed.

Because every drop saved helps us get closer to a solid guarantee that our community will have water down the road. “The goal of is really to educate customers on conservation and guide them to a more water-wise lifestyle,” she said.

For more information on how you can learn more about saving water in Castle Rock, visit: