Sally Misare has been Castle Rock's Town Clerk for 27 years. She will be stepping down on May 12, 2017.

Town Clerk, Sally Misare announced that a chapter of her life will be coming to a close next month. After nearly three decades of service to Castle Rock, she will be stepping down to pursue other happy challenges.

At a council meeting earlier this month, Town Manager David Corliss expressed his own mixed feelings about the news. “It’s with some sadness and excitement that I’m going to turn to our Town Clerk to make an announcement to the community,” he said.

As she had done on numerous occasions, Misare took the microphone and addressed the chamber crowd. “I just wanted to let council and the community know that I have submitted my retirement to Mr. Corliss and I will be leaving the town around the 12th of May to spend some time with my kids and grandkids, do some traveling and have some fun times.”

She wanted everyone to know that while she enjoyed most of the time working in her position, she joked about moments she’d like to forget. “It’s been a great experience here and I have cherished almost every moment of it,” smiled Misare.

Both Councilmen George Teal (District 6) and Mayor Jennifer Green expressed their appreciation for her service to Castle Rock. “27 years is just a great amount of time to amass history about the Town and see all of the changes that have happened in your career here. Thank you,” Mayor Green continued, “I know you will have a much more enjoyable time with your grandkids and watching them grow up.”

**A community celebration will be planned between now and May 12 to recognize Sally Misare and her time working for the Town**