Many of us still have the popular notion of a private investigator (PI) as a mysterious individual who waits on cases at the top of a downtown building, but the modern PI sees plenty of use on real cases and usually doesn’t wear a trench coat. If you have your case of corruption at your law firm or a missing person’s case you might have considered the services of a PI, so do you need one?

So, Do You Need to Hire a PI?

Let’s review some of the reasons you would put a PI on your case.

Do You Need Court-Admissible Evidence?

If you go snooping on your husband’s computer and take cell-phone pics of his search history, don’t believe you have hard evidence. Evidence including pictures, documents, and more from private investigators carries weight in the courtroom while scratched together “evidence” may not be permissible depending on who gathered that evidence and how. That includes self-gathered evidence. If you’re certain a spouse is cheating, or your business partner is throwing a deal don’t try to set up a case yourself, you need a PI and their methods of gathering evidence.

It’s best to hire a local PI since they already know the ins and outs of your local court system and what judges and other officials like to see in any given case.

Do You Need More Resources than Your Local Police Department?

Many local police departments across the country are too underfunded to provide the same type of resources that a private investigator can. You should always start any criminal complaint or missing person’s case with your local police department but if they’re too slow for your case you need a private investigator in Denver. Many private investigators are former law enforcement professionals or military veterans and will use the same analytical and investigative techniques they learned on the squad or in the squadron for your case.

They have the skill, resources, and time to devote to your case that your local police department might not have. You have the skills of the police department but much more devotion when you hire a PI.

Do you need to hire a PI? If you need someone who will gather you court-admissible evidence and who will devote their skills to your case – you need a PI. Look to hire local and like any other service, do your homework before hiring.

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