Feature: Dr. Debrah Zepf, Holistic Herbal Health


Anytime a ranking or survey is released detailing the healthiest states in the U.S., Colorado is usually high on the list. Just one drive down Meadows Parkway and you will see numerous people jogging, exercising or just out for a casual stroll. With the rise of Colorado’s health, there has also been a national uptick in holistic medical professionals, according to the 2014-2015 US Bureau of Labor statistics. These doctors work with patients becoming healthier not only in the body but also in mind and spirit.

In October 2005, Dr. Debrah Zepf, opened Holistic Herbal Health. Located in neighboring Centennial, her practice treats the whole body, which includes the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual aspects. “It’s all about how not to target one symptom but to look at the overall body,” Dr. Zepf described.

Instead of conventional methods, Dr. Zepf incorporates Eastern and Western medicine in order to find solutions. Patients at Holistic Herbal Health can expect to use many natural remedies including heart rate variability-ECG, homeopathy, biofeedback, foot-bath detox, and aromatic therapy, among other integrative medicine practices.

On the Holistic Herbal Health website, Dr. Zepf shares, “We are all a collective. This vital and synergistic connection is Quantum energy. It’s the epigenetic of the evolutions in which the world is turning towards. Just like the caterpillar not fully knowing his journey, he comes to find out he is changing, metamorphosing into something beautiful. I feel that my calling is to do just that, with people…to have that special connection to our spiritual, mental and emotional Being.”

Dr. Debrah Zepf received her Doctorate in Natural Medicine as well as a PhD in Natural Medicine. Along with being a Board Certified Holistic Doctor, Dr. Zepf is a member of the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. Holistic Herbal Healing also recently just won “Best of the Best” for best Holistic and Naturopathic Clinic in Centennial.  To contact Dr. Zepf, call 303-249-7742 or email at [email protected].