Castle Rock’s newly elected Mayor, Jennifer Green (District 3), and Mayor Pro Tem, Renee Valentine (District 5), have made history by becoming the first female representatives to serve on the same Town Council and hold those titles. Now having a full month under their belts, they talked with CRCO about never picturing themselves sitting behind the Council desk and why they are proud to live here.

Mayor Jennifer Green (Photo: com)

Aguilar: Why did you and your family originally settle in Castle Rock?
Mayor Green: “Our children are 5th generation Coloradans – we love Colorado! We chose Castle Rock, over 15 years ago, for a number of reasons: safety, great schools, good economy, affordability of homes, amenities, views of the mountains, and easy access to US-85 and I-25.”
Valentine:” I transferred to Colorado with Marriott Hotels and we chose Castle Rock because it reminded me very much of my hometown in Ohio where I grew up. Quaint downtown area, close to amenities, good schools, and conservative values!”

Aguilar: What made you run for Town Council originally?
Mayor Green: “I ran in 2011 because I wanted Castle Rock to be the best place to raise a family and start a business.”
Valentine: “I also ran in April 2011 after several neighbors encouraged me to run. They knew I volunteered in the community and would be a strong advocate for our district.”

Aguilar: Did you ever picture yourself holding a seat on Town Council as mayor or mayor pro tem?
Mayor Green: “No…especially since it wasn’t a goal or vision I had for myself.”
Valentine: “No.”

Mayor Pro Tem, Renee Valentine

Aguilar: What has kept you serving for your respective districts, now for a second term?
Mayor Green: “Castle Rock didn’t get its status of being one of the best places to raise a family without hard work – we need to work to make sure that continues.”
Valentine: “I want to continue to make this the best Town for the residents to live, work and play!”

Aguilar: How do you feel about the new Council and the new year for Castle Rock?
Mayor Green: “I’m excited about 2017 and the opportunity it brings, and I can’t wait to get to work with the new Council.”
Valentine: “I’m proud of our accomplishments over the last five years, and am looking forward to working with the new Council and staff to continue bringing superior amenities to Castle Rock that we can all enjoy.”