When we think of SEO, we typically focus on the positive benefits such as financial freedom, job creation, and more. 

Cool right? But that’s not the focus of this article. Get ready to dive deep into the dark side of SEO designed to wreck your reputation.

Reverse Reputation SEO

Do you have a few skeletons in the closest you’re trying to keep hidden from the internet? While Reputation SEO buries unflattering news stories, mugshots, and articles, reverse SEO brings all your junk to the first page of Google for the world to see, and haunt you forever. The worst part is, the SEO who’s deliberately bringing your skeletons to life doesn’t even need access to the website to get it ranked. 

Change your name? No worries. Reverse SEO experts can get the content ranked for just about anything, including your new name, your business, or anything else without even having access to the website/s.

Politicians are known for deploying this strategy against their opponents who might have a less than flattering past. 

Negative SEO

Are you tired of that pesky competitor constantly beating you? Negative SEO is a shady practice that’s designed to knock a competitor off of Google. The idea behind this is to trick Google into thinking the attacked website is violating their Webmaster Guidelines resulting in a manual or algorithm action (penalty). Luckily, search engines like Google give us SEOs tools to fight against these types of shady attacks. 

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