CBD Oil is one of the fastest-growing industries of 2021. Global CBD oil market size will grow by USD 1.97 billion during 2018-2022 at a CAGR of 31% according to

Because of the growth, more CBD providers than ever are joining by creating new innovative CBD infused products.

Industry leaders like NuLeaf Naturals have found their niche in high-quality CBD Tinctures.

How can you make money in the CBD Oil world with little to no investment?

  1. Sell CBD Through a Brick & Mortar Store — Do you already own a brick and mortar retailer? Adding CBD Oil can be an essential addition. CBD providers like Nuleaf Naturals offer an incredibly aggressive wholesale CBD Oil offering to retailers looking to put CBD on the shelves.
  2. Become a CBD Oil Affiliate — Joining a CBD Affiliate Program lets you sell CBD Oil to your network without the need for a sales tax license, inventory, or an investment in an online store, etc. As a CBD Affiliate, you’ll receive a trackable that will be used to track your sales. When a purchase happens due to your efforts, you’ll receive a generous commission back.
  3. Start a CBD Oil Company from Scratch — Starting a CBD Oil business can be incredibly lucrative if done right but generally requires a significant investment of both time, and cash. If time and money are a problem, you can explore white-label CBD options, which essentially allows you to put your brand on an established companies product. Most white-label CBD companies require a minimum investment, which requires you to have inventory. Another alternative is CBD Oil Drop Shipping, which allows you to leverage the distribution power of another company with on-demand shipping options.

Are you thinking about jumping into CBD? If you’re looking to dip your toe in before jumping head first, you might want to consider a CBD Oil Affiliate Program. Otherwise, be prepared to spend a lot of time reaching products, investing in 3rd party testing, brand development, websites, and fighting with merchant processors who are in most cases, not friendly to Organic CBD Oil providers until federal laws catch up with this explosive industry.