Is glamping really camping

There are all forms of camping available to those who want to take it easy, go all out in the wilderness or even utilize RVs as an alternative to traditional camping in a tent. There’s another form of camping out there for those who want to get away but not give up all the creature comforts of everyday life: Glamping.

So, Is Glamping Really Camping?

Glamping is glamorous camping. It’s bringing just about everything glamorous about your everyday life and integrating it into your camping lifestyle. This includes tents that might as well house, your wardrobe, and luxuries you’d only think about indulging in at home. When you think about traditional camping, glamping doesn’t even compare.

Many glamping trips happen as groups and are organized well ahead of time to plan for logistics, travel and the luxury of the experience. These types of trips can offer a wide range of activities, lodgings and food choices. In fact, glamping may seem more like staying at a hotel in my ways than staying at a hotel.

During a glamping getaway, you’ll often find tents designed with bright colors, patterns, room divides and even tables, chairs and sometimes appliances in built-in spots. They can be designed with electrical wiring for power. They often contain spots for beds – not air mattresses – queen and king size beds can often be fit into pre-designated spots within the glamper’s tent.

When glamping, while many might partake in what nature must offer, you’ll also see wining, dining, card playing, and other easy-going activities. You may not see glampers taking to the waters or trails for adventures like kayaking, hiking or fishing. While some glampers do take part in the above activities, many would rather just relax at their tent surrounded by fellow glampers.

Glamping has become popular in the last few years as more events, such as fashion shows, concerts and the like have taken to the outdoors. This trend has grown from there and become more affordable for those who don’t want to camp but want to say they have gone camping.

Glamping can be expensive, and for someone who’s looking to try it, it may be more beneficial to check out groups that do it together to get a discount than try to do it on your own. High-end glamping tents, beds, and luxuries can add up quickly if you’re going it alone, and that’s not what glamping is all about anyways.

While many “real” campers may see glamping as something negative, it does provide a way for those who may not be able to put up with the conditions of camping a way to do it on their terms. Nature should be enjoyed by all, and if glamping helps make it happen, it’s not necessarily a bad thing.

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