Castle Rock Police Chief (LF), Jack Cauley, and Fire Chief Art Morales came before Town Council earlier this month to propose the purchase of a new public safety and training campus.
Earlier this month, Castle Rock Fire Chief, Art Morales and Police Chief, Jack Cauley went before council to request their approval to appropriate funds for the purchase of a building located at 1259 Park Street. The proposed new campus — costing approximately $3 Million — will allow the Town to acquire a new multi-use, public safety, and training facility.
The price tag, just under $3 million, would include the building at 1259 Park Street, its projected renovations and the construction of additional training building 3 (marked in red).
“Police and fire are coming before you arm in arm because we work together every day,” Chief Morales continued, “Our team depends on law enforcement and law enforcement depends on us.” With departments working in tandem, the new state of the art building will be used by both entities.
The .61 acre property, built in 2016, has been previously used by a local construction company for office and storage. Because of the design — and location near the rental property currently used by Castle Rock Fire and Rescue — it appears to meet several departmental needs.
“The first floor does have bays that would be adequate for fixing fire apparatus,” he said. The pseudo, second floor or mezzanine level would be an area where fire equipment could be stored along with other items that would need to be secured. 
The building’s layout likewise comes with oversized garage doors that open for large vehicles to come and go and a copy and break room that could be used by the department and Town for group training purposes.
However, Chief Morales alluded to a few renovations that would need to be made to the property before move-in. “We’re getting it up to public safety monicker,” he said. “The remodeling costs are going to be basically in expanding/removing offices on the third floor, installing a sprinkler system — the was not required — and installing the elevator,” said Chief Morales.
The final price tag also requested the construction of a smaller building on the campus that would serve as an additional classroom for firefighters. “It would be a place used after more contaminated training, where we come out of the burn tower…not get out of their bunker gear yet…debrief them, learn their lessons and do it again,” stated Chief Morales.
After several questions from council concerning the sale and purchase of the property, the item was approved 4-3 to move forward, with council being divided because some felt there was a lack of price negotiation.