For the novice gardener like myself, I wondered if there was still time to get in any last minute planting before the fall. To get a better opinion, rather than just researching on the Internet, I decided to head down to Castle Rock Florist and get some expert advice on the subject. Lucky for me, I caught them during a lull in the day, so Diane was happy to answer my questions.

Early spring is best for planting most flowers, she noted. However, there are a handful  of blooms that can be managed during early fall. Mums and Chelone are some of the few flowers that stay in full bloom this time of year. And for your diminishing spring and summer garden,  it is a good idea to get ready for the coming year by planting bulbs and dividing existing bulbs to fight overcrowding and make for happier and healthier plants.

You can also expect to pay more at the register for flowers that are out of season. Many flowers like tulips will cost patrons more because they must be shipped from warmer, west-coast climates. So if you are looking to have a fall wedding, you might save some money by adorning the bridal bouquet with fall mums.