Jimmy Graham would like to serve Castle Rock as the Council member for District 6.

Voters will soon have the opportunity to select representatives for Districts 1, 2, 4 and 6 in Castle Rock. For District 6, which includes Crystal Valley Ranch, Plum Creek, The Lanterns and Heckendorf Ranch areas, Jimmy Graham has decided to throw his name into the hat this  November.

The idea to run for Town Council was originally encouraged by close friends from his men’s group at church. “John Gallager and Rick Ward encouraged me and started sending me stuff to get me up to speed on Town issues and about the representative for my district,” recalled Graham.

He then decided to follow up with some footwork, setting out to meet more of his neighboring constituents. Through their conversations, he realized how their views and insights aligned with his own. “I’m pro-life, I’m pro-God and I’m pro-Second Amendment.”

This was the push needed to run for his district’s seat. “I already knew several of my neighbors but through this process, I’ve had the opportunity to get to know more” he continued, “After speaking with them, I thought, we are in need of a good representation of District 6.”

Along with taking the approach to talk and listen to his neighbors, Graham is confident voters will appreciate his ability to operate in high-pressure situations, coordinate important logistics and make the best decision possible to benefit the majority–skills groomed in the military.

Jimmy Graham with his wife Rachel and three children.
Jimmy Graham with his wife Rachel and three children.

Prior to settling with his wife and children in Castle Rock, Graham lived in Montana, serving as a Navy SEAL for 15 years. Most of that time was spent on active duty, during which he attained TS/SCI Security Clearance. The remaining seven years, he served in the reserves, being deployed all over the world.

“I have training in risk management and planning under extreme pressure with real life consequences.” Graham would like to use those skills to be a voice for District 6 and work with Town Council to make Castle Rock a place that families want to call home.

Graham looks forward to also bringing his experience as a business owner to the table. “As a local business owner I have known the excitement of successful endeavors and I’ve also been humbled through the tough times.” Those experiences have given Graham the understanding needed to help businesses stay in business.

“If they support me and agree with my values, I want voters to know that I have the character I need to be relied on to make the right decisions,” he said. “Regardless of the outcome, with what I’ve learned about the Town and the awesome people I’ve met, it’s a victory already.”

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