Celebrate time with others by catering for them

Who doesn’t love a home-cooked meal? Who doesn’t love spending some time away from work with your colleagues? When was the last time you did both? When choosing a company to work for, there are many things to keep in mind – salary, benefits, commuting time, hours, vacation time, etc. But do you consider the extra perks, like team building, off-site get-togethers, catered meals? There are a lot of ways your job can say “thank you” for all your hard work, and a local catering company is trying to change the way they do it.

How a Local Catering Company is Changing the Way You Share Meals

Catering Denver comes in all shapes and sizes. Even small companies can take advantage of catering meals for their employees. When people think of catering, they typically think of big events like weddings and corporate retreats. Catering a meal for your employees is one way to thank them, show your appreciation, and get everyone together away from phone calls and computer screens for a while. This small act goes a long way to improve morale and productivity in the workplace.

Encore Catering, a full-service local catering company, offers catered meals big and small across the Metro area and surrounding cities like Castle Rock. With each event they host, Encore brings a bit of their magic to every meal they touch. They believe a home-cooked meal makes everyone’s day brighter. Life often gets busy, and we don’t get to spend time with the people that matter. By catering a meal at your job, you can spend some time beyond working with people you spend most of your day with.

Encore’s driving passion is that catering is about so much more than good food. It’s about getting together with people. It’s about having conversations. It’s about taking time to appreciate what the person across or next to you has to offer. That force drives everything for Encore from the way they create menus to how they make their food and what goes into the customer service that backs the entire experience you get when catering a meal from them.

As a boss, taking time out of the day to show your appreciation to your employees goes a long way to earn their loyalty and gratitude right back your way. When was the last time you treated your team to something? If it’s taking you too long to answer that question, consider catering breakfast or lunch for your employees and give them a day to remember.