Castle Rock Porch Pirate

Just days ago, Castle Rock resident, ‎Kurt Pease‎ became victim to a porch pirate who stole his daughters Christmas present. While the present can be replaced, the porch pirate is still on the loose, and likely still committing these dirty deeds.

Recently, Fox31 posted a story about a Lakewood woman who hunt down a porch pirate and recorded the entire thing on video.

After reviewing the Fox31 article we noted some very similar appearances between the two pirates.

Castle Rock Porch Pirate (LEFT)
Lakewood Porch Pirate (RIGHT)

Regardless if they are different, or the same person – this person or people need to be caught and held acceptable for their actions.

If you recognize this lady, please contact the Castle Rock Police Department and reference case #2018-00066588 . The Castle Rock Police Department, tip line at 720-733-3517 or [email protected].

We live in the era of technology which means most criminals will get captured on video. Smile!

Our sources say leads have been coming in however, she’s still on the loose.

Even if the Castle Rock and Lakewood Porch Pirate are not the same person, one thing is for sure, they got the same ‘dress code’ memo…

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