Top Engagement Ring Styles of 2019

An engagement ring is one of the single most important pieces of jewelry that anyone will ever buy or wear! It is the ring that you’ve dreamt of your entire life, every time you walked past a jewelry store or looked at pictures of newly engaged couples in your favorite magazine. It symbolizes the love that two people have for each other and should capture the overall tone of your relationship. With so many styles to choose from, including halo rings, solitaire styles, three-stone rings, and many more, the options for engagement rings are virtually endless. In the past year, certain styles have risen in popularity. Let’s take a look at the top 5 engagement ring styles of 2018.

Gemstone Rings

Gemstone Rings

Gemstone engagement rings can be reflective of your personality, and truly tell a story about who you are. Whether you prefer morganite, sapphires, or rubies, the fact remains that a gemstone engagement ring is absolutely breathtaking. Unique in their own way, such as John Atencio’s Signature Morganite Ring, a gemstone engagement ring is one of the top styles of 2018. In this style, an attention-getting gemstone is surrounded by smaller diamonds that add plenty of sparkle and fire. Whether you choose to have the gemstone of your choice be the main focus, or choose a center diamond with gemstone accents, colored gemstone rings have been one of the top choices of the year. Let the ring be reflective of your tastes, as there is no end to how they can be designed. When you have a gemstone engagement ring, you will know that your ring is definitely one of a kind.

Three-Stone Rings

Ever since Prince Harry put that stunning three-stone engagement ring on Meghan Markle’s finger, soon-to-be engaged couples everywhere have been searching for this simple yet elegant design which features three diamonds on a simple band. Whether you choose a round cut, princess cut, or any other diamond shape, the beauty of this engagement ring style speaks for itself. The three stones are typically around the same size and are the same shape, with each one complimenting the beauty of the others. 

Solitaire Round Cut Rings

Solitaire Round Cut Rings

As one of the top styles of 2018, this is one that certainly has some staying power! The solitaire round cut ring is classic and simple, showcasing one beautiful stone that symbolizes your love. This ring is perfect for those who want an elegant look with one special stone that represents everything wonderful about their relationship. The brilliant cut shines almost as bright as the love of the one who wears it. 

Rings of Rose Gold

Rose Gold Rings

Gaining significant popularity in recent months, a diamond or colored gemstone set in rose gold is an excellent choice for an engagement ring. It breaks tradition, yet does so gracefully. For this style, you can have the stone shape of your choice, in a style that matches your personality for a look that will be admired forever. It doesn’t matter if you choose a solitaire ring, a halo ring, or a ring with side stones, as there is no wrong way to wear this style.

Vintage Engagement Rings

Vintage Engagement Ring

This style has always been considered beautiful and is certainly one of the top styles of 2018. With its classic and timeless look, the vintage engagement ring is unique and conveys the message that love has no beginning or end. This ring can be set in the metal of your choice, with any stone shape that you prefer. Its style is elaborate yet appealing, dating hundreds of years. The look is as unsurpassable as the person who wears it!

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