The new traffic light will be at the entrance to the King Soopers parking lot off north Ridge Road.

Relief may be around the corner for those who shop at the southeast King Soopers location. For the next few weeks, crews will be working to finish the installation of a new stoplight near the street entrance that intersects with north Ridge Road.

“I can’t give you an exact timeframe regarding the completion of the project, but with the aerial work and above ground framing finished, it’s safe to say that we are at 50 percent completion,” said contractors with DL Construction.

Crews are scheduled to finish wiring the signal to make it go live in the next few weeks.
Crews are scheduled to finish wiring the signal to make it go live in the next few weeks.
Through the end of September, their focus will now be to make the lights function. “Right now, we are tying in the conduits to set these pipes up to house the wiring,” they said.

Grocery Clerk, Ryan, has worked at this location for the past year, dealing with the regular challenge of starting his drive home. “I live in Founders Village and make a left-hand turn when leaving work,” he remarked. “When I get off at 5pm, it can be difficult.”

Often, he drives a longer route to avoid the wait. “A lot of people, like me, just end up making a right turn (going north toward Highway 86) to take the longer way home,” he added.

DL Construction, who sets up traffic lights all over Douglas County, says these mechanisms are usually installed to make traffic flow with more ease. The number of accidents at the given intersection also factors into the formula.

“Recently we’ve been doing a lot of work installing lights in Dove Valley— that was all accident based,” he continued, “When enough people voice complaints and there are enough accidents, a signal for the intersection like this one climbs the list really fast.”

Though he has avoided accidents at this particular intersection, Ryan, is hopeful that the signal will make his drive easier. “Overall, I think it will help with traffic here.