Alternatives Pregnancy Center Executive Director, Marcy McGovern, is looking forward to providing the local community with support and needed services.

Each year, thousands of women all over the metro area experience unintended pregnancies. Because they understand that any decision you make will be life changing, Alternatives Pregnancy Center has opened a new location in Castle Rock to provide free counseling and resources for the community.

Prior to opening this location a few weeks ago, residents might remember seeing their mobile van parked around town. “Alternatives has been in the Denver Metro Area for 34 years, but we have been serving the Castle Rock Area for 5 years, bringing in our mobile testing unit,” commented Marcy McGovern, Executive Director of Alternatives Pregnancy Center.

Their mobile unit has been serving Castle Rock for the past five years at places like church parking lots and the D.E. County Task Force.
Their mobile unit has been serving Castle Rock for the past five years at places like church parking lots and the D.E. County Task Force.

The mobile unit has allowed them to serve clients at the Douglas Elbert County Task Force as well as others in store and church parking lots. “But our desire to finally have a physical office will really put our footprint in the community and be an ongoing resource for Castle Rock.”

Their impression encourages seeking avenues that preserve the baby’s life. “Our trained client advocates help clients find alternatives to abortion,” noted McGovern. Instead, they attempt to ease the fears that come with unplanned pregnancies so other options can be considered.

“If someone has an unintended pregnancy, we want to provide that safe space so they can make an informed decision,” said McGovern.

All counseling services are provided free of charge. “Our client advocates receive specialized training that really focuses on crisis counseling, and most importantly, on listening,” she added. “Because what we find is that when someone is in a situation with an unintended pregnancy, they just need space to hear their own heart.”

Along with counseling, a no-cost pregnancy test is available. “It allows us to get confirmation of pregnancy and administer ultrasound services to see how far along the baby is,” McGovern said. “All of our services are confidential.”

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The non-profit will also serve women and men in Castle Rock in other ways. “Along with helping provide alternatives, our center provides a lot of other community resources,” she added. Those resources include services such as STD testing and treatment, along with counseling after abortion.

“Someone who has experienced termination 25 years ago may say, ‘You know what, I’m still having mixed emotions;’ Alternatives wants to be there to help.”

And because they believe many unplanned pregnancies can be avoided through education, they operate a complimentary arm called ‘A Promising Future.’ It is a program geared toward teaching youth in the schools how to attain healthy relationships and work for a promising future.

“It includes talking about sexual risk avoidance and educating them around that fact that not everyone is having sex,” she said.

Through the workshop, students are taught to plan for the future and make wise decisions. “Through 10-sessions, students are introduced to the ‘Diamond Standard’ curriculum,” she continued, “We use the example of how a piece of coal under intense heat and pressure, over time, causes something beautiful to emerge.”

So until the word spreads about their new location, they will start by seeing clients one day a week. “We are hoping that as people find out about this location, we will add more days,” said McGovern. “However, we want people to know that we have a 24-Hour Helpline with people that can give advice and recommend alternatives.”

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