Jay Jensma, Castle Rock Senior Public Works Inspector and his crew

The warm weather over the past few days has given construction workers time to nearly complete the sidewalk along Ridge Road. The much needed pathway will serve as place for residents to safely bike, walk and run along, beside the two-way traffic.

“This project has been in the planning stages for almost three years,” said Jay Jensma, Castle Rock Senior Public Works Inspector. Because new construction, of any kind, doesn’t happen overnight. A project must first be proposed to council, approved and then carefully planned to fit within the Town’s budget. Some projects make the cut and some go back to the drawing board.

Ridge Road near Michaelson Blvd.
Ridge Road near Michaelson Blvd.

The team looks to be on schedule to have the sidewalk finished soon. The last of the concrete is being poured to the finish grade and straw is being put along the path to reduce erosion. Seed will then be planted so the landscape will return back to a more attractive state soon. “We will put on the finishing touches and have things  done in the next week or so,” Jensma commented.

…and long as the weather continues to cooperate, residents of Castle Rock will be experiencing the outdoors along that stretch of Ridge Road in no time.