Before moving to Castle Rock, I made my living in the rock and mineral business. I shared store space with a friend in the little community known as Glen Haven, Colorado. My passion was buying and selling precious and semi-precious gemstones, minerals, fossils, and many other types of mineral specimens. I cut my own stones for my settings. As a silver smith, I fabricated my settings for my finished stones. Business was good. All was washed away in the floods of 2013. Thus, the story which brought me to Castle Rock at that time. So, it should go without saying, that when I first saw the sign, “Castle Rocks and Jewelry”, I had to take a look for myself. This is what I discovered.

Walking into Castle Rocks and Jewelry, the overwhelming feeling of being “at home” hit hard. Turning left and turning right, the mineral specimens, flash of cut gemstones, the gold, the silver, the glass displays were speaking to me. Even if you are a novice, they will speak to you as well. I had the sense of being able to find something of high quality from any genre as well as any price range. Pendants, rings, and bracelets of a Southwestern style to high-end fashion jewelry of necklaces, rings for wedding and engagement, to perfectly high-grade gemstones for special settings; most everything for most anyone. “Castle Rocks and Jewelry is a unique store offering minerals, fossils and a wide variety of Jewelry at all price points including bridal and loose stones.” All diamonds are “GIA” (Gemological Institute of America) certified.

Castle Rocks and Jewelry opened its doors to the public December 6, 2017. Isi and Jennifer are the dream owners of this local jewelry store. Jennifer has fifteen years experience as a jewelry designer. Her husband Isi is a diamond broker and gemstone aficionado. Travel takes up much of his time. Aside from their own designs, other artists work is on display.

A Passion for Jewelry

“At Castle Rocks and Jewelry, our accredited staff is dedicated to our customers. We help you create the perfect moment by assisting you and guiding you towards that special piece of jewelry that translates exactly how you feel. Not only do we capture those special moments in the jewelry we create, but we can uniquely tailor any ring, bracelet, necklace, pendant, or earrings to make it fit your lifestyle.”

The aesthetics are inviting and the displays are easy to view. Shortly after I entered the store Jennifer greeted me with a comforting smile. It was obvious she has experience working with customers from lookers to inquirers. Of course, having been in the business myself, I was not much for talk initially, which was immediately understood. I was mesmerized by what I was seeing. Soon we began to share backgrounds of the business. The smell of my own machines running and the silver soldering kept escaping my memories of the days in my own shop. I was at home. I will return often, if for no other reason than to talk shop!

“Our mission is to create and preserve memories that are captured in jewelry”

Services offered include cleaning, repairs and adjustments. Custom jewelry design is a specialty. Don’t forget their layaway and special order options!

Castle Rocks and Jewelry is located at: 3990 Limelight Suite C Castle Rock, Colorado

You can visit their website at: