This afternoon, election judges, and the Town Clerk worked quickly to get results from the August 19th special election. Ballot verification and validation was done and ballots were then run through the  AccuVote machine around 2 PM today. Both measures on the ballot were approved by voters. Measure A, revoking the right of the Town Manager to prohibit firearms on Castle Rock property narrowly passed by 50.8 percent and Measure B, an amendment requiring the approval of the citizens of Castle Rock to restrict the right to bear firearms passed by 71.2 percent.

Votes are canvased by the municipal judge, for further validation. Canvasing requires judges to have direct contact with a target group in a geographic area both by phone and by going door to door. Out of the 32,000 ballots that were mailed to voters, 9,400 ballots were received by talliers. That was the largest number ever received in a Castle Rock election.