The Star is an iconic image in the hearts of all those that live in and pass through Castle Rock. Whether you’re a native or drive through on your way to southern Colorado, the Star is something everybody stops and says “whoa” as they look up. Starting in June, you’ll see much more than the Star as you look up in Castle Rock.

Altitude SEO is excited to announce it’s moving up in the world. Colorado’s leading digital marketing agency has purchased the rights to begin construction on its corporate headquarters, right on top of the Rock after months of closed-door negotiations.


Sean Hakes, CEO of Altitude SEO, said of the news: “With the explosion of growth in Castle Rock the last few years, it only made sense for our company to open its campus where it all started. The Rock and the Castle Rock Star will be in good hands as we begin construction of our new offices.”

Altitude’s new campus follows a development model like the Googleplex, with offices for the company’s staff, fully-catered meals, and an exercise area that will render The Rock Park inaccessible for the town’s residents. According to Hakes, for those looking to visit Altitude’s new office, they’ll ride in a glass-enclosed elevator to the top with gorgeous views of Castle Rock and the surrounding areas.


The good news is the Star is staying, and Altitude will work with the Town of Castle Rock for events such as Starlighting each holiday season. But expect to see more of the star year-round! Altitude plans on lighting the town red, celebrating Altitude’s bold plans of the rock and the growth in and around Castle Rock.

You can pre-schedule your first tour at Tours will start at $99/person and include a 3-course meal at one of their 6, 5-star restaurants.

Altitude SEO thanks, Castle Rock Real Estate firm, Douglas County Real Estate for their role in the transaction. Without their in-depth real estate experience, this transaction may have not happened.

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The RockPhoto: Photo credit – Gary Godfrey.
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