Epic Sky Trek Challenge Castle Rock, CO
Epic Sky Trek Challenge in Castle Rock, CO at the Philip S. Miller Park

It is probable that Philip S. Miller is looking down and smiling. Not only would he be pleased with the unveiling of the nearly completed Phase 2 amenities at PSM Park- fun that includes a splash park, enclosed bathrooms, the Millhouse and an outdoor amphitheater, but also with the figurative, cherry on top, that is about to be unveiled next week. It will be called the Epic Sky Trek Challenge.

An offshoot of the popular Caste Rock Zip Line Tours, the German engineered EST Challenge is going to offer physical entertainment for all ages. Owner, Ty Seufer best describes it as a ‘high ropes, McDonald’s Playland on steroids.’

Ty Seufer
Ty Seufer, Owner of Epic Sky Trek Challenge in Castle Rock, CO.

“It’s 100 feet by 100 feet and it’s 50 feet tall,” said Castle Rock Zipline Tours owner, Ty Seufer. “There are 110 different elements or games to play but basically it’s a high ropes extreme challenge course.”

The ten story construction is going to allow different ages to feel excitement by working their way up through the array of daring tasks. “You work your way up as you clip and unclip, self-guiding your tour and going at your own speed,” noted Seufer. “It’s for everyone from four years old up to 74 years old.”

Currently, Nashville, Tennessee is the only other location in the U.S. with a similar structure. So the one here in Town is sure to be a draw for western ‘thrill seekers.’ “The one here will be the biggest North America,” he added.

Over the next week they will be putting finishing touches and testing the fun challenges to ready the EST Challenge for the public. “Right now we are working to get everything all dialed in for our grand opening.”

Epic Sky Trek Challenge
@ Philip S. Miller Park. Check website for Grand Opening information: or


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