Jerry Schemmel, Voice of the Colorado Rockies
Mike Haynes
Mike Haynes – Voice of the Colorado Avalanche

I had the privilege of asking Jerry Schemmel and Mike Haynes a few questions. If you’re thinking right now, those names sound familiar but you just can’t place it, it’s probably because you know their voices more than their names. Jerry is the radio voice of the Colorado Rockies on 850 KOA. Mike Haynes is the TV voice of the Colorado Avalanche on Altitude Sports. Both Jerry and Mike have also broadcasted many other sports from the Denver Nuggets, Colorado Mammoth, Colorado Rapids, Mountain West Basketball and many more.

Have guys ever broadcasted a game together? If not, what game would you two want to work together on?

Jerry Schemmel: Yes, Mike and I did a college basketball game, at Northern Colorado, many, many years ago. And then we also did a couple Colorado Springs sky Sox games on TV. They were both a blast! I’m wishing we could do some more down the road together!

Mike Haynes: Jerry and I have worked some baseball and basketball games together. There is not a better prepared and more professional broadcaster than Jerry. He is a lot of fun to work with.

It’s good that you guys get along but do TV and Radio broadcasters typically get along?

Jerry: Yes, it is been my experience that sportscasters get along very, very well. In baseball, my partner Jack Corrigan and I, spend close to 200 days a year together. You are almost forced to get along. It’s like a marriage. It sometimes need some work but it can be very rewarding and satisfying. There also seems to be a good fraternity among fellow broadcasters!

Mike: Yes, we get along. Most TV broadcasters were on the radio first. We do not hold it against the radio that their looks are better suited for radio.

Jerry: No, Mike is quite accurate about guys having faces for radio. I’m clearly in that group.

Kathy in Golden has a question for Mike, “Is Roy to easy on the players? What do you think the Avs need to do to improve next season?”

Mike: Roy wants to win but he is considered a ‘players coach’. The Avs need to get some players that have won before to be leaders for the young players.

A question from Desiree in Castle Rock for Jerry, “How do you see the pitches during the game and know what type pitch it is? Do you think the Rockies have a chance at the wild card this season?”

Jerry: We watch the pitches from the booth, which is normally right behind home plate, so we get a very good view. After a while, you get a pretty good feel for what pitches are what. Plus, most the time the scoreboard will give you the velocity and the type of pitch. They aren’t always right with the type of pitch but usually pretty close. We also have a TV monitor in our booth so we can watch replays.

There seems to be something different about this Rockies team in 2016. They seem to get along very well, really pulling for each other. We felt that vibe from day one in spring training. Whether that equates to wins, is a good question. It all depends on pitching. If we can pitch decently, I do believe we are going to surprise a lot of people!

No matter where I’m at I’m a fan of food so I have to ask you guys. What city do you look forward to traveling to because they have the best food?

Jerry: I actually like San Diego the best. Not just the food but a beautiful ballpark in a beautiful setting, and the water is right across the street. After a while, you start looking for convenience and the ballpark is walking distance from the hotel, which is always nice!

Mike: New York is the greatest city in the world for eating. Although I always go to White Castle.

I may or may not be trying to get you guys to argue here but Baseball or Hockey Players, who are tougher?

Mike: Baseball is a longer season but hockey has checking and fights.

Jerry: Baseball players are pretty tough but I would have to say hockey, for sure. Baseball players don’t get beat up much during a game. The worst they really have to fear is getting hit by a pitch or a collision. Otherwise it’s more of a finesse game.

If you guys could interview anyone right now, who it be and what would you ask them?

Jerry: If I could any interview anyone, it would be Dodgers broadcaster Vin Scully. I would want to know the secret to his incredible longevity. He’s been doing this for 68 years! Plus, he’s just a wonderful gentleman and an honor to speak with on or off the air!

Mike: Donald Trump. How are you going to win?

You guys are teaming up for a big event May 28th, how did this get started?

Jerry: I had the vision for Colorado athletes for Christ many years ago but never really acted on it. Then I shared it one day with Mike and his energy and enthusiasm for the idea really encouraged me. We then decided that we were going to pull the trigger on it and do our best to make it reality. It’s been a lot of work but we are thrilled at the possibility of transforming lives that morning!

Mike: Jerry and I were having a discussion and we both brought up the subject. We had both had a long time desire to do something like Colorado Athletes for Christ.

The Colorado Athletes for Christ event is Saturday morning on May 28th at the National Western Stock Show Complex Events Center Building.

You will hear from Rockies All Star Charlie Blackmon, Denver Broncos Punter Britton Colquitt, former Denver Nugget and basketball Hall of Famer Dan Issel, Colorado Avalanche Center Matt Duchene, Rockies Catcher Nick Hundley, Avs Right Winger Jack Skille, and possibly more.

If you have questions about balancing faith, family, life, and work these guys will share some great perspectives.

You can get tickets and more info at or on Facebook at

Thank you Jerry and Mike for the time. I really appreciate it. Looking forward to seeing you guys May 28th at the Colorado Athletes for Christ event!